Western States
If you’re looking for some good ol’ bar band Americana, St. Louis’ Western States is one of the best
— Adobe and Teardrops
St. Louis is where Chuck Berry wired together blues, R&B and country to spark rock ‘n’ roll. Where Ike and Tina Turner perfected the fine art of blowing a roof off a club. And where Uncle Tupelo welded together punk and twang. And Western States aim to continue that musical fusion and move it along into the 21st Century.
— Americana UK
I’ve always found it curious that most of our books, films and TV shows focus on character driven storytelling, but rarely our music. That just makes songs like ‘The Duke’ that manage to pull it off all the more memorable. In telling the tale of a boxer refusing to take a fall in spite of the dodgy deal he’s made, Western States paint a vivid scene with their rich imagery and create a character to empathise with thanks to their adept songwriting. This lead single from their forthcoming debut album From The Centre Out, released 19th July, channels Springsteen in his prime thanks to its lush Americana sound and potent hooks (pun definitely intended). The band clearly pulled no punches when it came to crafting this slice of heartland heaven. A genuine delight in every way.
— Belwood Music